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NAS advice

I'm looking at adding a NAS to my home network. Primary use would be to hold data for Plex or similar media server, allow backup and file sharing of photos, documents, etc. Backup of iphone photos instead of icloud if possible. Allow for multiple users to stream media at one time. Do you have any recommendations?
For your home network needs, the DS423+ from Synology would be an excellent choice. It provides robust performance for local streaming of media content through Plex or a similar media server. With its versatile storage capabilities, it can efficiently store and share photos, documents, and other files, allowing for convenient backup and easy file sharing among multiple users.

If you prefer to backup your iPhone photos locally rather than relying solely on iCloud, the DS423+ offers the flexibility to do so. You can set up a backup solution that securely stores your iPhone photos on the NAS, giving you peace of mind knowing your precious memories are protected.

When it comes to streaming media, the DS423+ can handle multiple users simultaneously, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted playback. Its powerful hardware ensures that multiple streams can be handled without performance issues.

However, if you anticipate the need to transcode 4K content in Plex remotely, it would be beneficial to consider a NAS with an i5 processor or support for GPU cards. The TS-674 from QNAP, for example, offers GPU card support, enabling efficient transcoding of 4K content even when accessed remotely.

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