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NAS for Small Business Backup

Hi! I am looking for a NAS for a business, primarily to backup files. But the choice between different brands and if a higher price point is worth it is overwhelming.
I am looking for these features:
- storing files on the NAS which can then be accessed from all computers on the network, and remotely through the internet (pictures, contracts, promo material)
- backing up files from one computer which should not be accessed from other computers (CAD drawings and sensitive documents)
- cloud backup
- easy physical backup to a hard drive for most essential files, which will be stored outside of the office as a last resort backup
- automatic backup for phones would be nice to have as those get smashed semi-regularly here

Our data totals less than 300GB at this point, and it was accumulated over 17 years of activity so we do not need too much storage space.
If it is important, I am familiar with basic networking and have also attended a course in uni about it.
Thank you for your time.
When considering your requirements for a business NAS, the DS923+ from Synology would be a solid choice. This NAS offers a range of features that align with your needs. It allows you to store files on the NAS, which can be accessed by all computers on the network as well as remotely through the internet, making it convenient for accessing pictures, contracts, and promotional materials. Additionally, it provides the capability for backing up files from a specific computer that should not be accessed by other computers, ensuring the security of CAD drawings and sensitive documents.

The DS923+ also supports cloud backup, allowing you to safeguard your data by storing copies in a remote location. For your most essential files, you can easily create physical backups to a hard drive, providing an additional layer of protection. This NAS offers the flexibility to automate phone backups as well, ensuring that important data from your phones is securely stored.

Considering your current data size of less than 300GB, the storage capacity of the DS923+ should be more than sufficient. Furthermore, its upgradability and expandability options make it a future-proof choice, allowing you to scale up your storage as your business grows. With your familiarity in basic networking and previous coursework, setting up and managing the DS923+ should be a manageable task.

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