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QNAP TS231P2 :How to clean up / format working old disks from RAID1 after replacing both? Ex by going 2x2TB->2x6TB?

Hello! I am new to NAS, so apologies. Let's say, I'd like to extend my current RAID1 in my Qnap NAS by replacing smaller disks with larger ones. 2x2TB - 2x4TB or 2x6TB. I checked qnap manual and understand the procedure "replace disk one by one" but it does not say in what state the old disk will be? I understand the data will remain there? What if I would like to resell them to a friend? I also have a desktop PC, do I need, after replacement insert them one by one to my PC and format/clean up them? Will any software be able to read them? Is it possible perhaps to do this procedure while they are still on my NAS? I mean, clean disk one, replace, wait for raid rebuild, clean disk 2, replace, wait for raid rebuild? Thank You and stay in good health during those awful times!
Yes, this is correct. You will need to replace disks one by one. Once you have finished you will need to use good formatting/erasing software to wipe the data. Here is a list of top free erasing apps: #1 MiniTool Partition Wizard.#2 DBAN. ...#3 Disk Wipe. ...#4 KillDisk. ...#5 CCleaner. ...#6 PCDiskEraser. ...#7 CBL Data Shredder. ...#8 Eraser.Since you have a RAID on those disks, other computer will not see the data in a simple form. Drive would need to be connected together to a Linux system and accessed as a RAID. Or you can keep these drives for a backup purposes.

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