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hard drive choice for DS923+ and media

Hoping to get some advice, was looking at the DS923+ but I see on reviews transcoding for media might be an issue.

Use cases, for own business, lots of scanned documents and photos using nas as backup / self cloud storage. these would be on the 2TB drives.

Home media on the 8TB drives for personal photo backup, plex and potentially backup of reolink security footage.

Currently I have a few have x265 files that stutter quite a bit on local direct play through plex and jellyfin. current server setup hardwired Mac native SSD. Play clients: ipad pro / iphone 13 pro and chromecast with googletv. I thought all of these devices support x265 playback so confused whats causing the buffering? Would the limitations of the DS923+ have any affect on this?

Should I get the same HDD across the board or considering the different use cases, different types for the 2tb drives to the 8tb drives?
I know Synology have issues with h265. This is an ongoing case. In meantime, you could try and stream via DLNA and see if this works.

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