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First NAS system advice


I just discovered your channel and website and you guys are just awesome, so much information and guides.

I want to set up my first NAS system, and as you already know, the number of options and the similarities between a few of them makes this a challenge. My needs are:

- backup system for personal photos, documents and etc, that I can rely on (some failure protection and redundancy). Having online remote access to it from multiple devices would be a big plus.

- running docker containers for work and also for my own personal learning. I know this is very generic, but here I was hoping for at least 8GB memory (ideally 16GB)

- running a Plex server where ideally the NAS would transcode everything (but I could live without this if necessary)

I'm contacting you because, in every video comparison I see, the "ideal" solutions are missing at least one of those features, and maybe you can point me in the direction of a solution that checks ALL of the boxes.

For your needs, we recommend considering the DS423+ or DS923+ NAS models. These devices are capable of Plex transcoding up to 1080p videos. However, if you require 4K video transcoding, you would need the TVS-674 NAS with an i5 CPU. Apart from the Plex transcoding capabilities, all the mentioned NAS models can fulfill the rest of your requirements, including serving as a backup system with redundancy and remote access, as well as running Docker containers.

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