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E10M20-T1 Drive COmpatibility

Hi there, I have a DS3617xs and I'm upgrading to the E10M20-T1 so that I have a 10Gbe port and 2 x NVMe slots, for which I installed 2 x Samsung 970 Pros that I already own.

Do you know if there are any drive compatibility issues with these Samsung 970 Pros? Synology only lists their drives as being compatible with this expansion card, but I don't like being limited to just a single brand of SSD which may or may not be in stock when I need it.

Thank you for your help.
Synology allows caching with third-party SSDs, but NVMe pools are only available with Synology SSDs. However, there is a way to enable NVMe storage pools on third-party SSDs. You can find detailed instructions on how to enable this feature on the following link:

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