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Clearification on Synology Cache setup

I just got a Synology drive DS1522+ and I am currently going through your You Tube videos on setup process. The articular you have posted on your site about cache setup is making me rethink my approach on cache setup but I need some clarification first.
I thought the cache work from the "Pool" which was described as a house and not a "Volume" which was described as a room. I wanted the extra memory available from any volume I worked from, thus a pool. From your instructions it sounds like this is not possible. Am I understanding this correctly? If this is the case what is the best method to decide which volume to add cache to.?
Thanks in advance for the video and clarification on this matter.
Congratulations on your new Synology DS1522+! When it comes to cache setup, it's important to clarify the terminology used by Synology. In their system, a "Volume" refers to a specific storage space, while a "Pool" is a collection of drives used to create multiple volumes. Unfortunately, cache cannot be shared across volumes within a pool. Each volume needs its own dedicated cache.

To decide which volume to add cache to, consider the workloads and applications you primarily use. Identify the volumes that handle the most data-intensive tasks, such as frequently accessed files or applications that require quick access times. Adding cache to these volumes can improve performance and responsiveness. Keep in mind that cache can significantly enhance read operations, but it has limited impact on write operations.

For a more detailed understanding of cache setup on your Synology DS1522+, I recommend following the instructions in the YouTube videos and referring to the articles on They will provide step-by-step guidance and help you make the best decisions for your specific requirements.

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