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Advice for Nas purchase

Hi, I watched some of your videos on YouTube, and thought you would be the man to get some advice from.

I am a freelance motion designer (2D & 3D animation). I have a 2 computer setup (pc tower and MacBook) and I currently use Google drive to share files between machines. However this is becoming more and more unreliable as I keep getting disconnected from time to time and end up having to upload and sync everything again. So I'm looking to get a Synology Nas that can hold between 8-12tb and is as fast as possible. I'm used to working with local ssds so the closest I can get to that experience is what I'm looking for. I mainly work with huge ext image sequences and also large texture files (TIF, png, jpeg) occasionally 4k .mov but mainly I'm working with texture files in Cinema 4d and then large image sequences in After Effects.

So Im basically looking for advice on what to get.

Let me know if you need any more info on my setup and needs.

Based on your needs as a freelance motion designer working with large image sequences and texture files, the Synology DS923+ would be a suitable choice for you. This NAS model offers the option for NVMe cache and has the capability for a 10GbE upgrade. With its powerful performance, it can provide both the capacity and speed you require for your work. The DS923+ ensures a reliable and efficient storage solution that can enhance your workflow as a motion designer.

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