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Buying NAS and using with Fedora


I'm planning to buy a NAS, just waiting a bit for potentially better price of DS223 or taking maybe DS220+, important for me is that it has BTRFS for snapshots.

I have 2 questions.

1. I wish to keep the device in the same room as I sleep and I wish it to be quiet as possible. I don't need a lot of space, at the moment I have less than 1TB on my internal drive taken. I'm considering buying 2x1TB SSD, because higher capacities of SSD's are too expensive for that idea. Alternatively, I'll go with 4TB Ironwolfs. How loud it is when the hard-drives run, or do they spin-off in case of being not used at night, and only spin-on in case of actual drive access or also randomly?

2. I plan to from Windows to Fedora. On YouTube there is almost nothing useful about Fedora related Synology NAS videos. I wonder if you could make a video about using Synology NAS with linux, if Fedora even better. I wonder about how network shares and Synology Drive works there.

When it comes to choosing a NAS, Synology is a reliable option that receives regular maintenance and updates, ensuring a better user experience compared to a DIY solution. If you prefer alternatives, Unraid and TrueNAS are worth considering. Regarding your first question, opting for SSDs is a good plan as they make the NAS silent. However, if you decide to use HDDs and don't run resource-intensive applications like virtual machines or Docker, the drives can hibernate when not in use. You can also set up an automated schedule for the NAS to shut down and boot up. As for your second question, there is limited information on Fedora-specific videos for Synology NAS on platforms like YouTube. It would be helpful if more content was available. You may consider exploring network shares and Synology Drive on Fedora to ensure compatibility and functionality.

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