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Initial NAS for video editing

I found you when looking at the Asustor Flashstor 6 FS6706T - 6 Bay All-SSD NAS Storage. I was looking for a NAS that uses SSD, but am happy to hear your thoughts on SSD NAS vs SATA. I am happy to access via usb or Ethernet. My wife and I work from our RV, so small is important. My primary use case is editing up to 4K video and secondary to use as backup for two laptops.
Thanks for any guidance and recommendations you may have.
I appreciated your insights in your YouTube videos.
Best Regards.
When it comes to NAS storage, using SSDs can bring significant advantages over traditional SATA drives. SSDs, especially those utilizing NVMe technology, offer much faster IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) compared to SATA SSDs. While HDDs are known for their slower speeds, most people will find SATA SSDs to be fast enough for various tasks. Considering your need for editing up to 4K videos and using the NAS as a backup for two laptops, opting for an SSD-based NAS would be a suitable choice. The Asustor Flashstor 6 FS6706T is an excellent option to consider, as it offers the benefits of SSD storage in a compact form factor. With USB and Ethernet connectivity options, you can conveniently access your data while working from your RV.

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