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Synology DS923+ vs TerraMaster

I ordered a Synology DS923+ based on a local company (Data Doctors) recommendation. I hired their technician to install it and get me “up and running” since I knew little about NAS. Technician arrives and attempts to download firmware update utilizing my MacBook Pro and we can’t get software to open on a Mac (“software not available in your country”)(what?). Tech says that he always has problems with Synology and Macs. Advises that I return the Synology (I did, to Amazon) and find a 2bay that work’s better on a Mac. I’m stuck with four 8TB of HDD but saw the TerraMaster and wondered if it “plays” better with a Mac than the Synology. Your suggestions? Oh, I’m not a Windows guy so please don’t go there. I had a hard enough time changing over once. A different technician? I already paid this guy $$$. I just need some help to get this video business going with some decent storage that I can hand off projects on. Help me, Oh-Be-Wan, you’re my only hope (so far).
All NAS connect the same way (SMB). There is no difference in which NAS you will get.
Here is how to map your NAS

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