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low end, entry-level, budget NAS

1. Hi! I love the videos and have been bingeing them for the past few weeks.
2. I would like some help deciding which NAS to buy.
3. Requirements: two users in home on three laptops and two phones, 4-8TB storage
3.1 file sharing for photos and documents
3.2 plex to play mostly mkv and avi on 1080p tv (I don't believe transcoding would be required for that)
3.3 torrenting directly to NAS would be awesome (I just discovered that functionality!)
3.4 iPhone photo sync to NAS instead of iCloud
4. I had my eyes set on the Synology DS220+ given the slew of top reviews last year but decided to wait for a refresh; now I'm wondering if an ARM CPU would do the job for my needs.
4.1 Currently considering Asustor Drivestor 2 or DS223
5. What do you recommend? Is the Drivestor 2 due for a refresh? I'm not sure the Synology premium is worth it for me since I don't think I'd take advantage of DSM--perhaps better to pay for more hardware and less software in the package? 1GB vs 2GB RAM? Thank you!
I would choose DS220+ or wait for ds223+. These have a wider range of apps available and better performance.
But practically 1080p can be easily handled by budget models such as ds223 and other Realtek-based NAS models.

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