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Qnap TVS-H874 v QVP-85B

I just saw that you guys posted a video comparing the TVS-h874X vs TVS-h1288X, and I'll be watching it soon.

The video that I would love to see you guys make is one comparing the TVS-h874 and the new QVP-85B.

I'm puzzled. I can't really tell the difference. Same box, same specs, but the QVP-85B is marketed towards surveillance.

As best as I can tell, the QVP-85B has less features (it doesn't have QTS, but runs QVR Pro) and costs more money (on B&H the QVP-85B is $2,199 and the TVS-H874 is $2,165).

I have the TVS-H874, and I can't find a single reason why I would pay extra money, or even want a lesser version of the same (you decide if it's the same) NAS.

In fact, my NAS (TVS-H874) may even be better for surveillance, as I can run Container Station (Wyze Bridge, Blue Iris, Frigate, etc). I'm not using QTS Hero, so I have 8 licenses as well. Maybe if the QVP-85B used QVR Elite and gave you 8 cameras, or included some of the subscription features I could understand.

This one is a job for NAS Compares.
Yes, it is practically the same NAS. The only difference is the free licences that you get.

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