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NAS for media streaming + private cloud

Hello, I would appreciate the advice if you find time. My two main case uses are for media streaming to the TV plus private cloud for the family (trying to reduce both subscriptions to streaking services and cloud services).

Is it possible to set this up in one single NAS or do I need to do a dedicated one for each? I was looking at some NAS and they're already at CHF4-500 easy without the actual storage part so I understand pushing the budget up a bit. I figure also a 4 bay might be better for future proofing.

I am not very tech savvy so I would prefer something with an easy set up. I might use plex free for this usage.
Yes, you could go for DS423+ and replace your subscription services. Their GPU engine will also allow shared access from remote locations.
If you are considering other NAS, look for Celeron CPU or Intel core i3 and above.

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