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Best NAS for me?

I am trying to find what's the best NAS for me for home use. I want to be able to share and access my files from anywhere. I want to use it as a music server and be able to secure it down to individual file access. I would like to be able to use it to view pics and videos on my smart tv's. It would be used by my partner and son so it needs to be able to be accessed via a mobile (iphone) and i want to be able to access all of my files from anywhere in the world.
There is so much out there i was looking at the synology range but even they do loads. Probably a 2 bay with 2 4TB drives but what sort of processor size and memory do you think i will need? My son has a Xbox that he only has online games so can they store this for him?
Best 2 bay NAS for home would be DS218+. It comes with a few cores of Intel Celeron and built in transcoding engine. This will help a lot when accessing media from many different devices and locations. It also comes with easy to use file and folder sharing functions. You will also get free mobile and desktop apps included for multimedia, office, surveillance and much more.

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