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NAS recommendation


I'm completely new to NAS and am looking to create some home media storage primarily for photographs, music and movies.

I would like the music files to be accessible by my Sonos system although I am looking to use Plex for movies so may investigate using Plex for music also - I'm not very familiar with Plex at the moment.

With regard to streaming movies through Plex, it would primarily be to a Samsung QE75QN85BATXXU so would any transcoding be handled by the TV or is that still a requirement of the NAS?
A friend uses the Synology DS920+ but looking at your reviews the newer 923+ is not a great update in some ways but is better in some regards?

I am a hobby level photographer so need to store, organise and edit images. Am I able to use the processing power of the NAS to edit using Photoshop?

What would you recommend?

Many thanks for your help

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