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Which one after a DS213+

Hi, we are using a DS213+ from 10 years, great HW, never had an HD failure...(2x 1TB - model WD10EFRX) we are at 50% now. I am thinking it's time for an upgrade to avoid troubles and increase speed. Currently i am using 1 usb port for external backup and 1 port for UPS connection, never used usb front port. I had a nightmare last week because after the last DSW sw update for about 2 hours network cards didn't seems to works even the eth lights aren't blinking as usual...due that i am considering to urgent upgrade.
We are 4 of us in the office, use: 90% is file sharing and partial pc/mac daily backup (i would increase and make complete BK, so increasing TB may be interesting), openVPN external connection, some local db sharing for our CMS, ics cal.
Worth to upgrade to Qnap ? i am very addicted to Synology but it lacks some feature nowdays...i would appreciate so much for your suggests and support. Thank you
Hi Paolo, based on your use case and your preference for Synology, upgrading to a DS423+ would be a good option for you. It has more powerful hardware than your current DS213+, which should help with the speed and performance issues you are experiencing. Plus, it has two empty bays for future expansion if you need more storage in the future.
While QNAP does offer some features that Synology may not, switching to a different brand could also mean having to learn a new interface and management system, which could take some time and effort. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and your specific needs and preferences, but sticking with Synology and upgrading to the DS423+ is a solid choice.

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