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For home use is it most economical to buy a 2 bay and then to buy a USB Hard drive hub?

I'm looking to start a photo server for my family and am thinking of hosting it using a 220+. The tricky thing is to keep costs down I want raid 6 or to do a raid 10 which would allow me to buy used hard drives online (I don't care about warranty) . I found 2 4TB Ironwolf Pro 's for $50 each and I checked them out and they've been working fantastically. I know I want to expand to at least another 2 4TB drives and probably more later.

Right now I'm making due with a 2 bay Fideco USB 3.0 Hard Drive hub. Since I don't need crazy read/write speeds (1-2 users at a time tops) could I use this hub and switch to a bigger hub later on? What are the external expansion limits for Synology or others?

What really is the difference between running a hard drive on a Synology internally vs externally? Are there things you aren't able to do?
USB drives connected to a Synology will only be used for backing up to/from a NAS. Can not be used for expansion.
Only certain models allow expansion such as DS723+ / ds923+.
Here is some more info

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