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QNAP Extended Warranty

I just purchased a QNAP TVS-874. Do you think it worth paying an $600 for an additional 2 years (5 total) on warranty. I typically never pay for service plans on anything.

Thanks and take care.
Whether or not it's worth paying for an extended warranty on your QNAP TVS-874 depends on your individual circumstances and risk tolerance.

On one hand, the TVS-874 is a high-end and relatively expensive piece of equipment, and an extended warranty could provide some peace of mind in case of any unexpected issues that arise after the initial warranty period.

On the other hand, QNAP products are generally reliable and built to last, so it's possible that you may never need to use the extended warranty. Additionally, $600 is a significant amount of money, and you may prefer to allocate those funds towards other areas of your setup, such as additional storage or backup solutions.

Ultimately, it's a personal decision based on your own needs and preferences. It may be helpful to research common issues or failures that have been reported with the TVS-874 and weigh the likelihood of those occurring against the cost of the extended warranty.

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