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Overwhelmed as to what to choose

I have watched sooo many of your videos and my head is spinning. I just don't know what to buy. Meanwhile the WD MyBooks keep piling up. I came very close to pulling the trigger on a QNAP TVS-H874 a while back but that's a lot of money to spend when you don't know for sure that your making the right choice. I shoot weddings photo and video, as well as the occasional music video. I have a M1 MacBook Pro, but as you know apple charges BIG bucks for a decent size HD. So I need a storage system that I can edit from. Do I need a NAS with thunderbolt 3 or 4? IDK, I like quite so I want to put the NAS in another room if possible and I don't know if that rules out thunderbolt. I need redundancy, speed, and quietness. I have the money to get a $3-$4000 system if I need that, but I don't want to waste money either. I also don't want to have to replace it anytime soon. I have a WD PR-4100 I bought a couple years ago so the QNAP security issue scares me a little. Please Help! Thanks! ~ JB
In terms of brand and model, I would recommend looking at the Synology DS1621xs+ (10gbe) or the QNAP TVS-H874. As a single editor you could as well get DS923+ or DS1621+ and add 10GbE card. All you need is 300MB/s bandwidth for 4K editing. Anything more is overkill. Both of these models offer 10gbe connectivity, excellent performance, and support multiple RAID configurations for redundancy.
Regarding the QNAP security issue, I would recommend keeping your NAS updated with the latest firmware and security patches to ensure it is secure. You can also take additional measures such as setting up firewalls and using strong passwords to further secure your NAS. With no open ports there is no access to hacking. Keep them closed.

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