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Seagate EXOS X18 18TB, REAL world experience RMA, Warranty, MTBF


I have a 8 bay Synology DS1813+ NAS. Served me VERY well over the years since purchase.

Previously upgraded the same NAS with 8 drives over the years, from 4TB (started throwing up bad sectors) to the current 8TB drives.

Currently running RAID 6, 7 x 8TB Iron Wolf + 500GB ssd cache drive running for nearly 5 years ish.

Recently 2 drives started throwing up bad sectors, so decided it was time for an upgrade...

I didn't want the same performance bottleneck limitation I had with the OLD Synology (NO 10GB, POOR transcoding media on plex) So decided to Upgrade to the QNAP TS-2483XU-RP.

I wanted to know what the EXOS X18 18T Drive warranty is like (I heard bad reviews of the EXOS X14).

X18 drives are expensive and knowing what the REAL WORLD experience of their warranty, RMA, MTF rates TRUELY are, would help me tremendously on making a better informed decision on my raid configuration across the expansion slots of the NEW 24 Bay NAS.

Many thanks in advance.
Seagate's Exos X18 drives are enterprise-grade hard drives designed for data centers and other high-performance applications. These drives have a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of up to 2.5 million hours, which is a good indicator of their reliability.

In terms of warranty, the Exos X18 drives come with a standard 5-year warranty, which is a good indication of the manufacturer's confidence in their product. Seagate also offers data recovery services in case of data loss due to a hard drive failure.

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