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New to NAS

Morning, first time delving into this and currently use PC for Plex (TV/Film/Music). Want to move to NAS. Currently have 2x 4TB, 18TB and 1x 12TB Ext HDD with media (don't know what drives inside). Want to get the NAS and remove HDD's from external and install. Eventually want to get 2-3 16TB for final, then leave original media on externals for backups. Couple of Q's:
1. After looking at a few of your vids (1 being best for Plex 2023), been thinking about the Terramaster N4-423. Could this handle the 4 different drive?
2. Worried about what I've seen on youtube channel about this ransomeware. Sorry if being dumb, but could I not install my Norton Licence on the NAS to help protect? How often do the ransomware occur?
Thanks for any advice you can give
Yes, Terramaster f4-423 has a good hardware for a good price. Great for Plex. You can mix different drives in there.
If you are worried about ransomware, do not open ports on your NAS. And also use VPN like Tailscale if you need remote access.

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