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Can i transfer existing drives from DS413J to DS423+

DS 413J NAS will fail to boot (power button blinking blue and will turn off) and keeps turning itself off after successful boot

Power on and system will either boot successfully after multiple tries or after successfully boot it will shutdown itself without warning after 5 - 30 minutes of use.

I managed to temporarily power on the system and download a backup of the configuration a .dss file.

With this configuration file, is it possible for me to reuse and retain all my data from my disk drives?

I plan to buy a new DS423+ as the replacement, will this be compatible to migrate my DS413J configuration and existing drives?

If DS423+ is not compatible, what will be compatible to migrate using the .dss file and my existing drives without losing data.

Thank you.
No, migrating from J series to plus series is not that easy. You could move drives to another value series NAS though - more info here
Otherwise, you can connect them to a computer and recover data this way

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