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Is there a QNAP/ Synology app/shortcut to just download all the iCloud photos at once?


I have a QNAP TS-453BT3 and I am trying to download all of my wife's photos on to my QNAP.

Currently she has 30,000 photos on her iCloud, but iCloud only allows me to download 1,000 at a time, which is taking a VERY long time.

is there a QNAP app/short cut to just download all the photos at once?

Ideally, I would download it the evening before then wake up and organize them all the next morning.


On a MAC simply open Photos app and go to Preferences… then choose option to download Originals to this MacOn a Windows download iCloud app – on icloud icon on the task barOpen Icloud settingsEnable Photos icloud syncIn order to download all photos and images directly on your Qnap or Synology NAS, change download folder location to your NAS drive.If you haven’t mounted your NAS drives on on your computer, here is how to do it:Windows – Qnap – SynologyMAC    – Qnap – Synology Go to “My Computer” and open iCloud PhotosClick Download Photos and Videos This will automatically download all photos to your selected download folder.That is it. Happy copying!

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