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Plex Server Backup

Hello - My Terramaster F5-221 (TOS 4.2.40) has just "for no reason" deleted its plex media server database (meta data, artwork, credit detection all lost). I say for no reason because yesterday it was fine and I came back today and its all empty (no libraries or anything). The NAS does do a scheduled power down for a few hours overnight, but this has been fine for months.

In order to over come this issue going forward. I think i need to backup the \Volume #1\user\plex\ folder 1) please can you confirm i need the whole folder structure form here doen 2) to restore the server, is it as simple as stop service and paste over the top of this folder 3) im struggling to use an automated backup tool to get to that folder as im not able to access this far down the user folder structure - any ideas?

Thanks for any and all advice.
Yes, in order to fully backup your Plex media server database, you should backup the entire \Volume #1\user\plex\ folder, including all subfolders and files.

Restoring the Plex media server is generally as simple as stopping the service and then replacing the existing \Volume #1\user\plex\ folder with the backed-up version. However, depending on how your specific Plex installation is configured, you may need to take additional steps such as re-adding the libraries or re-configuring your metadata agents.

If you are having trouble accessing the \Volume #1\user\plex\ folder using an automated backup tool, you may want to try using a different tool or manually copying the folder to a backup location. Alternatively, you could try changing the permissions on the folder to allow your backup tool to access it. However, be cautious when changing permissions as this could potentially compromise the security of your system.

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