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NAS for Home server and NVR

My requirements are for Home environment 6 to 8 TB for Personal files and media and some extra storage for 30 days of recording for 5 mixed wired and wireless cameras.

I was about to go with WD 4bay 24 TB but hesitant. waiting for your input and recommendation.

Thank you very much in advance guys.
For your home environment with 6-8 TB of personal files and media, and 30 days of recording for 5 mixed wired and wireless cameras, a 4-bay NAS with 24 TB storage capacity may be overkill. You could consider a 2-bay NAS with 8-12 TB of storage capacity depending on your needs and budget.

Some popular options in this category are the Synology DS220+ and QNAP TS-253D. Both of these models come with 2 bays and can support up to 16 TB of storage (with 2 x 8 TB HDDs). They also have the ability to connect to IP cameras for surveillance purposes and come with user-friendly software for data management.
If you require more storage, you can consider a 4-bay NAS like the Synology DS423+;

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