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10 GBe, M.2 SSD Explained

Hello, I am looking into a Synology DS923+ for 3 main reasons:
1. setup family photo and video storage
2. Personal video file storage for wedding video business. I would like to be able to edit videos from files stored on NAS.
3. Backup files through RAID storage

I like Synology for their photo management software. And the 4-bay unit should fit my current and future needs. Upon further research, I saw advice about upgrading to 10GbE for speed and M.2 SSDs for caching. Would you recommend these upgrades for my purposes?
Based on your use case, upgrading to 10GbE and adding M.2 SSDs for caching can significantly improve the performance of your Synology DS923+.

Having a 10GbE network adapter can allow for faster transfer speeds when transferring large files such as wedding videos, and when editing video files directly from the NAS. It can also help reduce the time it takes to backup your files through RAID storage.

Adding M.2 SSDs for caching can also improve the overall performance of the NAS by providing faster access to frequently accessed data. This can be particularly useful when accessing and streaming photos and videos, and when editing video files directly from the NAS.
You can also use NVME for very fast storage and editing.

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