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QNAP Multiple RAID

I think I made a mistake when I added a 2nd disc to my QNAP TVS-H874. My first 18tb disc was set at single raid, and I added a second 18tb disc that became raid group 2 (Single). How can I get the new (2nd disc) to be on the same raid group?
You will need to delete it. Then migrate from Basic mode to RAID1. Or simply delete everything and create a RAID from sracth.
I am the original poster of this message.

When you say "delete it" what are you referring to?

I'd like to be able to simply delete RAID Group 2, there's nothing on it but drive 2, and no data is on that disc. It doesn't seem possible to do, and it seems (I hope I'm wrong), that I'll have to delete the Volume 1, and Storage Pool 1, which will delete RAID Group 1, and the operating system software.

I'm afraid that will leave me with a "dead NAS".

I have three other solutions in mind.

First, I just give up on Disc 2 and Raid Group 2. I have an 8 Bay NAS, I could probably live with it being a 7 bay (and just write off the $$$ I spent on the 18TB drive). If I were to add a Disc 3, would I be able to change RAID Group 1 from Single to Raid 0? Then Migrate to RAID 1, and then Raid 5? Or am I stuck with this RAID group (RAID 1) being a single (and Raid Group 2 as a single). The worst past of this, would be that it creates Raid Group 3, and I'm left with another unusable 18TB drive. if that happens, I would go to solution number 3.

The second solution would be to buy a pair of 4TB MVME Drives (I currently have about 8TB used on Drive 1 and Drive 2 is unusable), copy everything over to the NVME drives, and set the QNAP operating system to run from the NVME. Then, I could delete the Volume 1, Storage Pool 1, Raid Group 1, and Raid Group 2. Then, start over making disc 1 a RAID 1 (Instead of of a single).

The third solution is remove both disc 1 and disc 2, reformat them, add them to my Synology, and give up on the QNAP system.

I don't normally have problems like this, I'm good at tech. It only took me a few minutes to setup and figure out my Synology systems. It took me over a month to get my QNAP to even show up on my network. I spent double the money on the QNAP (TVS-H874) than I did on my Synology (1821+). I was going to buy a 3622XS+ but went with the QNAP because of being forced to use Synology branded drives (there's $5K they lost out on, the unit and two expansion units). Instead I wasted close to $2.4K on a system  that will probably end up getting powered down.
Yes, you can migrate from Single to RAID1 / RAID5
You should be able to delete the second RAID group / volume like this

You could alternatively connect new 18TB drive via USB docking station and copy data over. The reset the NAS and start fresh.
Thank you for your help, I deleted and started fresh. I now have the NAS set up correctly. Qnap handles things with RAID much different than Synology.

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