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Thank You!?

Have a DS212+ that I'm growing very impatient with and very much appreciate your informative reasoned thoughts even when understanably speculative.

btw: I'm probably going to wait for DSM 7 (DS22x+), not for what it can do when released, which probably would work with a DS218+, but for what it may be able to do in 6 years that a 218+ may not be able to do. Plex and other apps won't run anymore on my 212+.

Also, I have been unable to find meaningful information on performance, even from Synology on the difference in a 218+ vs a 212+. I see hardward specs, but what I want to know is when I open something like file manager, will I still have time to go get a cup of coffee or will there be a maeingful, not incremental, improvement.

Again, thank you.
Yes, Synology DS212+ was a very good NAS. But compared to DS218+ and future DS220+ or DS221+ this NAS is quite dated. It used to have a handy SD card slot feature, but you can have a USB adapter for this purchase separately. The memory and is sow limited and the CPU fairly weak to be able to run Plex in the future. Upgrading RAM would help to drag this longer. But how long? If a new NAS will feature DDR3 memory, this would be a reason to wait longer. But DS218+ is quite a good NAS. hope this helps.

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