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Buying a Nas system?

I’m Looking for some advice before I go purchase my Nas system to run my Plex Pass and Home Surveillance System witch I will buy after. Looking to record all 4 cameras on the nas. I’m looking to buy Synology DS418play at $599.99. I’m going to use 4 Seagate IronWolf Pro nas ST6000NE000 6TB 7200 RPM 256MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drives at $289.99. x 4 = $1,159.96 It comes with 2GB DDR3-1866 memory, which I plan on adding a Synology RAM DDR3L-1866 SO-DIMM 4GB (D3NS1866L-4G) sat $119.96 to make 6GB. Will this all run fast and work or do I need more. After watching lots of your videos am going to use SHR. I am looking to add a Synology M.2 Adapter Card (M2D18). I see online that using ssd to run my caching and transcoding will keep my system from bottle necking and buffering a lot. Or can I use an external 2tg hard drive to run the metadata / thumbnails. I’m not a tech guy at all, anything I learned here was from watching your videos. (Witch are great, and much appreciated.) I’m looking to spend $2,000.00 and need it to last for a long time. Thanks for any advice. Tim.
Synology DS418play is a good NAS and it will cope with local Plex streaming as well as surveillance. Adding extra RAM will also help. You will be able to run even more apps simultaneously. Ad some of that RAM might be used for internal caching.Adding cache card will not be possible though since it does not have a PCIe slot to connect it to. You can not use external drives for caching. But you can use one or more od the bays for SSD which can be set up as caching drive. This would help and would work very similarly like M2D18 card. You would still have 3 drives in SHR which give you most capacity available with a redundancy enabled.But if you do want to benefit from NVME speed cache with M2D18 card then you will need to consider DS1618+ or DS1819+. Or a Qnap like TS-453Be.I hope this helps.

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