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A NAS that's just a NAS + a server?

What is the best NAS that's just a NAS? I want to run a variety of services on a new M2 Mac Mini for my home network, but I also like the Synology Hybrid RAID option provided with some Synology models.

I want to run a Plex server and I have lots of HEVC encoded media.

Is the base model DS1522+ a good fit? Or is is overkill?

I'm looking for something that will take me into the 2030's that can be easily expanded, storage-wise. I was a big fan of Drobo.

You had a NAS v. Mac Mini video about 4 years ago. Does the advent of Apple Silicon change anything about your conclusions there?
Hi there! The DS1522+ is a great option for a NAS that can serve as a Plex server and handle HEVC encoded media. It's a versatile and powerful NAS that can easily be expanded with additional storage. However, if you're looking for something that's just a NAS and don't need any additional features, the DS1522+ may be overkill. You could consider the DS920+, which is also a great option for a Plex server and can handle HEVC encoded media, but is a bit more budget-friendly.

As for the advent of Apple Silicon, it doesn't necessarily change the conclusions of the NAS vs. Mac Mini video from 4 years ago. However, it's worth noting that the M1 chip has proven to be quite powerful and energy-efficient, so a Mac Mini with an M1 chip could potentially handle some of the tasks that would otherwise be handled by a NAS. Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs and preferences.
QNAP TVS-874 would be a better choice for remote 4K streaming compared to the DS1522+ due to its higher-end hardware configuration. It features a more powerful processor and supports higher memory capacity, making it better suited for more demanding applications such as video streaming. Additionally, the TVS-874 supports a greater number of drives and expansion options, which can help future-proof your storage needs.

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