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NAS suggestions?

Basic Information:
1. Small Medium Business hosting cross-border into Mainland China from Hong Kong
2. Never used a NAS before so no need for virtual machines and other bells and whistles
3. Need reliability in terms of reliability & safety of data
4. Around 10 people would be using. High quantity of clients requesting file sizes around 5-6mb each

1. What hard disks should I get?
2. Is RAID 6 the best?
3. Drobo has its itnernal battery feature, should we get the UPS?
If you are going to store sensitive data, then choosing Qnap or Synology would be a good option. They both feature hardware encryption engines which speed up the process of keeping data safe. TS-453Be or DS918+ would be future proof models to choose from. These models can also be upgraded and expanded.RAID6 would allow two drive redundancy. This is a personal choice. with bigger size volumes it takes longer to rebuild. So it might be worth having raid6 in those cases- or raid10 which is faster.UPS is always recommended feature to have. The Drobo battery is quite small and protected only for few seconds.I hope this helps.

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