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TVS-672N RAM Upgrade And Compatible M.2 SSD Cache?
TVS-672N RAM upgrade and compatible M.2 SSD cache

I would like to get your opinion before I set it up. I am mainly planning to use this as a Plex media server. I would only have a maximum of 2 users accessing my Plex media via the network at a time, One possibly needing transcoding. I bought the 4 GB model. I was thinking about adding more RAM and/or m.2 SSDs.

Do you think this is necessary or overkill? If you think it’s a good idea, what brand and capacity would you recommend for the memory and the SSDs?
Having a 4GB should be OK for simple multimedia use for one user. Once there will be more people streaming and transcoding, the system might need more memory to store temporary files. Especially if you will use it for Virtual machines where 8GB would be minimum requirement for a comfortable use. SSD caching does give this extra boost, especially when accessing the same data often. It also speeds up data transfer speeds in many cases.Compatible SSD is Samsung Evo 970. Having a pair of 512GB sticks often is sufficient storage space for caching. People choose bigger capacity sticks when they rather build a volume on these SSD not cache.Official Qnap RAM upgrade:RAM-16GDR4T0-SO-2666DDR type: DDR4(260PIN)Capacity: 16GBSpec: 1G X 8Manufacturer: TRANSCENDFrequency: DDR4-2666Form(PIN): 260PINManufacturer P/N: TS2GSH64V6BPower Supply: 1.2VDram Organization: 1024M*64Temperature: 0℃~85℃Environmental Regulation: RoHSRAM-4GDR4K0-SO-2666DDR type: DDR4(260PIN)Capacity: 4GBSpec: 512M X 16Manufacturer: KINGSTONFrequency: DDR4-2666Form(PIN): 260PINManufacturer P/N: CBD26D4S9S1ME-4Power Supply: 1.2VDram Organization: 512M*64Temperature: 0℃~85℃Environmental Regulation: RoHSRAM-8GDR4K0-SO-2666DDR type: DDR4(260PIN)Capacity: 8GBSpec: 1G X 8Manufacturer: KINGSTONFrequency: DDR4-2666Form(PIN): 260PINManufacturer P/N: CBD26D4S9S8ME-8Power Supply: 1.2VDram Organization: 1024M*64Temperature: 0℃~85℃Environmental Regulation: RoHSYou can have 8GB/16GB/32GB and even 64GB RAM upgrade using Crucial sticks:

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