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2-4 bay nas

Though I am going to purchase a NAS, I am a uneducated about NAS, as I watch your YouTube videos I’m learning, ThankYou !

I do have a old NAS, Netgear ReadyNAS Duo V.2, however it’s no longer supported by Netgear! It does work but needs firmware updates which I haven’t quite figured out how to accomplish yet. If you have any educational suggestions that can lead me to resurrecting this old Nas, it sure would be welcomed.

One of my questions is can to different brands is Nas units be used together in tandem, should I ever be able to get the ready? Nas sort it out?

After watching your videos, I’ve kind of settled on either the Q nap TS 264 or a TS 464, which appear to be only about $100 difference in price. Which of these two would you recommend? And how can I make purchase thru you website?
Using two different brand NAS units together, it's technically possible if both units support the same network protocols and file sharing methods. For example, if both NAS units support SMB or NFS file sharing, then you can use them together in tandem. However, it's generally not recommended as it can lead to compatibility issues and other complications.

As for the QNAP TS-264 and TS-464, both are great options with similar features. The main difference is that the TS-464 has four bays for hard drives, while the TS-264 has two bays. If you think you'll need more storage space in the future, then the TS-464 may be the better option for you. However, if you only need a small amount of storage, then the TS-264 may be sufficient.

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