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Asustor 6604t + Reolink RLC-810A


I want to get an asustor 6604t and 2 cameras if possible with live feed/stream to an Android tablet. I want to stream to my tablet after dark for a more secure feeling in my home.

I think 2 Reolink RLC-810A are perfect for my needs but I couldn't find any information if they could connect to the Nas ( I think they can via FTP ).

So can you please tell me if they work together and if not could you recommend some to me please. If possible PoE powered cameras for ease of installation but not required.

The night vision doesn't have to reach more than 10 meters because my front and back garden aren't that big, so I rather have a better video quality than a longer night vision range.


I want ( if possible):
A camera with good night vision for around 150 euro per camera ( more than 10 meters won't be necessary)

Be able to save recording of the last the 48 hours Incase of an event.

Live feed/stream to an Android tablet

Thank you for your help=)
Yes, you can use Reolink RLC-810A. You can also install mobile app to see a live feed or recordings. ONVIF is a keyword which allows connecting a camera to any NAS.

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