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Replacement NAS

Hi, I am currently running a DS1812+ and with a mix of 4tb ironwolf and 4tb WD red drives in SHR2. with 3GB RAM

The use case is home document storage, family photos, media server and development server running docker, mariadb and node.

The most important of these backup to a RAID0 2 disk synology in the attic which litrally sits there just acting as a backup with alerts set if there are any errors on either drive.

Ideally a future nas would run .NET nativly but i can run this though docker.

My concern is replacing the current drives there is ittle support in this model for larger drives and its stuck on DS6.

However to replace with another 8 disk nas is very expensive and i was wondering if a smaller 5 disk with 8tb drives might be better or if i should just suck it up and save up more and get the latest synology 8 disk nas. or if you think that the 1812 has life left in it and i should replace the disks in that with 8tb ones
Hi there! It sounds like you have a good setup with your DS1812+ and a mix of IronWolf and WD Red drives in SHR2. Based on your use case for home document storage, family photos, media server, and development server, it seems like you have a good balance of storage and performance. Even though Synology do not list bigger drives, you can still use them. If your NAS is still fast enough just get bigger drives. Otherwise, new 1821+ would be a nice upgrade for another 10 years.

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