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DROBO 5d3 and DROBO 5c replacements

I watched your YouTube : Alternative to DROBO in 2023.
I think I remember Video before.
I was reviewing the Synology DS923+ 4-Bay NAS Enclosure and I was wondering how it compared with Drobo 5d3.
RE: the 2 TERRAMASTER Drives:
I think the TERRAMASTER D8-332 8-bay Thunderbolt 3 RAID (8-bay Thunderbolt 3 RAID Storage) is preferable to the 5 Bay Drive), & you made that clear to me in your video
However, I was still wondering about Synology, as this Synology DS923+ 4-Bay NAS Enclosure is now about the same price as the TERRAMASTER D5 Thunderbolt 3 Professional-Grade 5-Bay External Hard Drive Enclosure RAID 0/RAID1/RAID5/RAID10/JBOD Hard Disk RAID Storage (Diskless) on sale now for $599, whereas the TERRAMASTER D8-332 8bay Thunderbolt 3 RAID Storage Most Compact Professional-Grade 8-Bay Tower Thunderbolt3 Hardware RAID Enclosure Support RAID 0/1/5/10/JBOD External Hard Drive RAID Storage (Diskless) is $1,299.99. I need to know if DRIVES in Drobo can be swapped?
Hello! Thank you for watching my video and for your question.

In terms of comparing the Synology DS923+ and the Drobo 5D3, both are high-quality storage solutions with their own unique features and benefits.

The Synology DS923+ offers a more powerful processor and higher RAM capacity than the Drobo 5D3, making it better suited for running multiple applications and handling heavier workloads. The Synology DSM operating system is also known for its user-friendly interface and wide range of features and apps, including support for Plex Media Server and virtualization.

On the other hand, the Drobo 5D3 offers more flexibility in terms of drive swapping and upgrading, as it can support drives of different sizes and types. Drobo devices also have their own proprietary BeyondRAID technology, which allows for easy expansion and protection of data in case of drive failure.

In terms of drive swapping, both Drobo and Terramaster devices support hot-swapping, which means that you can replace drives without shutting down the system or losing any data. However, it is important to note that not all drives are compatible with every device, so it's always best to check the compatibility list for your specific device before purchasing new drives.

Moving drive from Drobo to any other NAS require data wiping before use.

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