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Non-Ecc Ram / Ecc Ram

So far, there has been non-ECC in Synology diskstations, apart from the business devices. I was never aware of the ecc ram topic up to now, since the latest models which now have ecc ram. nowhere was said that this could become a problem. all product reviews I did find on the internet where also used as a storage pool for images and data backups or as a data server. now it is suddenly said that ecc ram would be safer for the data. what can I do if I want to keep my old disk station ds1520+, that my data remain safe, that the backups of the nas on a second nas do not become corrupt, even with non ecc. check the memory daily? What do you recommend? switch to brand new Nas with ecc ram? Looking forward hearing from you, with kind regards Nicholas
ECC RAM does not protect your data per se. It ensures that the system has no sudden reboot because of some glitch in the memory. Normally you would have this ECC RAM in server rooms in data centres etc. But it is a nice feature to have in a NAS. To ensure your data is safe use BTRFS and regular SMART checks.

I hope this helps.

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