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Hi. I currently have a few drives plugged into a Zidoo media player but want to put them all into 1 unit. I wanted to go with a DAS and stick 2 16tb drives in a 4 day and add extra drives in the future. (No raid). However I have started thinking about NAS which would allow me to attach the Zidoo in the main room but then add plex upstairs when I want to relax in bed. Would I be able to add more drives moving forward into the NAS without wiping the current drives? Again no raid required. Thank you
es, you can add more drives to a NAS without wiping the current drives. Most NAS devices support expansion by adding additional drives to available drive bays or by attaching external storage devices. When you add new drives, you can configure them as a separate volume, or you can add them to an existing volume to expand the storage capacity of the NAS.

In terms of your specific situation, a NAS would give you more flexibility and functionality, such as the ability to access your files remotely and run media servers like Plex. Synology and QNAP are two popular brands that offer a wide range of NAS devices with various features and price points.

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