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Noise -- WD Red Plus 14TB (WD140EFGX) vs. WD Red Pro 22TB (WD221KFGX)

Hi -- would you be able to compare these specific drives for noise?

I know the Pro-series are generally louder than the Plus-series and the data sheets include the acoustics dB, but I was wondering if there are some other intangibles (e.g., the drive heads spin up/down or clicking) that are worse on the Pro 22TB but might not show up on the spec sheet?

I currently have the Plus 6TB in a storage closet and can barely hear the noise so I'm concerned going to the Pro series might be too loud.


Yes, Pro series usually spin faster and therefore generates vibrations.
The other thing is the biggest capacity drives and their clicking noise.
You will definitely get a less annoying experience with plus type of drives with smaller capacity.
If you do not keep your NAS in the bedroom, you bay be ok with vibration.

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