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QNAP TS464 or Synology 920+

Hi, I’m upgrading from Synology ds215j and looking at the above two NAS. I want to be able to store photos and stream then to tv with music and use as a media and general storage platform. I know transferring the current 2x4gb drives across may be easier with another Synology but I’m looking for advice as to my best option of the two above (or others). Thank so much.
both devices have their strengths. QNAP devices are known for their advanced features, including virtualization and surveillance, while Synology is known for its user-friendly software, DiskStation Manager (DSM), and excellent multimedia capabilities, such as streaming and transcoding media. Streaming locally really do not require transcoding most of the time.

If you are familiar with Synology's DSM and appreciate its user-friendly interface and multimedia capabilities, then the Synology DS920+ may be the better choice for you. On the other hand, if you need more advanced features and are comfortable with a more complex setup, then the QNAP TS-464 may be a better option.

In terms of transferring your existing drives, it is generally easier to do so with a device from the same manufacturer, but it is possible to transfer the drives to a different NAS as long as the drives are compatible and the new device supports the RAID configuration of the old device.

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