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1 up Entry level NAS + Amazon AUD

Just subscribed to your channel on youtube.
Looking at Synology (after looking at your vid on which NAS after WDMycloud) .
Looking at prices on Amazon AU there is not much between the DS218, DS223 and the DS220+ . Is there any real difference in regard to setup and maintenance of these units?, or do Synology simplify the setup on the entry level device only?
If it comes down to less than $80 and setup software is the same then I'll look at the 220+? Overkill but I like that its quicker and upgradeable and thus a little more future proof. I use multiple devices iPad, android phones, laptop and will put home videos etc on the new device. Appreciate any thoughts you have on Synology mobile ios app
I want to lock the device down to my own network (don't need to access via the internet) do you have a video on how to do this for security?
Also can you add yourselves to AU Amazon so I can earn you some cash when I buy the unit.
Plus and value series have quite a difference regarding the apps and functionality. I hope this post helps

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