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Qnap rack NAS

I have an Qnap tvs-882 i5-6500 for home use.
My work stuff is all on rack mounted based nas,(all Synology's) and I am looking for an equivalent, either synology or Qnap to go in this rack mount. I cant find any synology rack mount with hardware encoding, so may well be staying with Qnap.
Any advice on which units to look at.
It is primarily used for plex, about 12tb of films, blu rays, photos, and music, with some cctv cameras running, and about 500gig of documents.
is hardware encoding a must, or will something like the rs1619xs+ be capable with software encoding.
When is the RS1623xs due out, and is it worth waiting for....
There is no leaks on RS1623xs so far.
But you are right there is no multimedia-friendly Synology rack. Qnap will be the best way to go. Synology also push their overpriced hard drives and RAM + NVME. Not worth it.
Xeon based NAS could handle 4K, but overall performance would drop significantly. You as a single user might be OK with this. Recommended benchmark is around 15K.
Qnap 53/64 series rack is a better choice for media,3-1

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