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Synology or QNAP

I would like your recommendation which NAS to buy. I like expansion and RAID5 so a 4-bay would do it. I would like to connect to it from over the world, security is key. We make a lot of photo's so handling them would have to be easy and "fast". I've looked at Synology and QNAP and both seem fine. I'm a tech guy/nerd so complex setup would be no limit. Please advice. Thank you. Kind regards, Marcel.
Based on your requirements, the Synology DS420+ would be a good option to consider. It is a 4-bay NAS that supports RAID5 and SHR, which provides data redundancy and protection against drive failures. Additionally, it has a Celeron-based processor that should provide sufficient power for your needs.

The DS420+ also supports QuickConnect, which allows you to access your NAS securely from anywhere in the world. You can also use Synology's mobile apps to manage and access your files on the go.

In terms of handling photos, Synology has a range of powerful photo management applications that allow you to easily organize, edit, and share your photos. For example, Synology Photos provides a range of editing tools and allows you to create albums and share photos with friends and family.

Overall, the Synology DS420+ is a solid choice for a 4-bay NAS with RAID5 and SHR support, as well as secure remote access and powerful photo management capabilities.
DS423+ is a quad core version for those loving virtual machines.

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