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Elecgear heatsink with Corsair 600 LPX temperature readings? (Vs Firecuda for PS5 use)

Hi there! Love the channel. Just wanted to ask if you if you knew the temperature test results for the Corsair 600 LPX with the elecgear heatsink? Perhaps this makes it less hot? I’m actually trying to decide between the Corsair 600 LPX 2TB or the Seagate Firecuda 2TB and plan perhaps to use the elecgear heatsink with either of these. If temps are similar the last deciding factor would be the TBW but to be honest I’m not sure I really understand what this fully means and if it matter when using the PS5.
Yes, the temperature difference is not very different between those. The best heatsink is the one that is built by the SSD manufacturer itself.
Firecuda is a very good choice, but based on all tests SN850X is so far showing the best performance inside game consoles :

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