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Buying Standalone Surveillance NAS/NVR


Would you please be able to advise me which NAS/NVR unit is suitable for a standalone home CCTV system. I will probably need 4 cameras outdoors to get decent coverage, possibly 5. I may also wish to place some cameras indoors so I think something with 8 camera capability is needed.

I understand from one of your youtube videos that NAS/NVR vendors can be misleading about camera support vs FPS. To get future proofing I think 8 cameras operational at 1080pwithout glitching is the spec I hope to get.

KVM capability with an HDMI port to allow connection to a TV is required which reduces my scope of choice but hopefully you can recommend something.

Thank You

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Buying Standalone Surveillance NAS/NVR - by ENQUIRIES - 03-18-2023, 09:30 AM

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