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Terramaster T6-423 Thermals

Hey, thanks for offering this free service. I am pretty far along in my selection process but I am happy to hear suggestions/criticism from experienced builders. My plan is based on a T6-423 populated with 10 TB HGST He10 (ex-datacenter, 25KH operating time, 5yr warranty) which are less than $90, and budget for two spares. This should yield a bit under 40 TB in RAID 6/Z2. I bought one to investigate and the drive was in superb condition.

Your review was excellent but did not cover thermal performance or noise levels. I intend to run this in a large bedroom closet so drive and fan noise is not a big problem. Can you tell me the approx temperature range I should expect and what you think is permissible when all 6 bays are used? Should I consider replacing the fans?

I thought about a DS620Slim with 6x 4 TB SSDs, but it's hard to justify with only 1Gbe, and nvme boxes due soon. Thx Smile

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