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Consultation on Whole House Server

I'd like an all in one solution that can backup my primary workstation files and laptop when on network. Files include photos/videos/documents and the like. Would like PLEX to play videos on the TV's. I have the computers and TV's on 2 different networks. Is there a device that has two NIC interface cards such that it can push or pull on both networks? I'd like to know RAID options such that there is a duplication of files and also an option to backup onto the cloud in case of complete failure of the NAS. Thank you!
My apologies for the confusion. For your question, the Synology DS923+ and DS1522+ would be good options for your needs. These devices have multiple NIC interfaces that can be used to connect to different networks, and they also support various RAID configurations for data redundancy. For cloud backups, you can use Synology's Cloud Sync app to backup to popular cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3. Additionally, both models have powerful hardware that can handle tasks like running Plex media server and backing up your files from multiple devices on the network.
Or new ds423+ with quad-core Celeron.

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