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Best NAS for home users using apple?

Hi, found your site today and it is the most informative I have been on - well done!
I am moving from an old iMac to 2 macbook pro's for my wife and I. Having had an external drive fail on me this week, we want to get a NAS drive. Key things are; backup and RAID, ability to use Time Machine, stream iTunes library to each mac or speakers (we have sonos), access files when we are not at home, ability to link to iPhones to back up pictures.
Some of the models that seem to jump out to me (but I don't know why Smile )are;
Synology ds218j
WD my cloud EX2 ultra
Drobo 5N2.
I need something that is easy to setup and use. I love gadgets but not clever enough to use them.
Alternatively any suggestions from you.
I'm thinking 2 x 4 or 6 TB to give plenty of capacity.
Hope you can help
David Hall
Yes, Synology is a good option. It is fairly simple, but j series models will be too weak to do all of the things listed. DS218+ or DS718+ would be a better option.Drobo seems to be struggling and I am not sure they will be around for long.The WD EX is also a simple NAS, but very weak also very limited in what it can do.I hope this helps.

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