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Anti-ransomware Backup strategy?

Ok, so I will have my 920+ up and running soon (4x4Tb). I was thinking to attach an external USB drive of 12TB to the NAS permanently and then setup a permanent back-up so that either instantly or weekly all changes on the NAS will be reflected in the back-up.

But if my NAS gets infected with  ransomware and the USB is permanently attached to the NAS, then I guess there is a risk that the back-ups will get infected too.
- what is the best solution to prevent the USB drive attached to NAS getting infected with ransomware?
- I guess that instant back-ups increase the risk of infection? IS it better to detach the USB and work with incremental backups and attach the USB drive only and manually during the back-ups?
- Does Synology have any software to detect ransomware, I mean not the ransomware itself, but rather the effect it will have on stored files, e.g. massive changes of extensions, heavy disk activity due to ransomware encrypting the source files etc.

any advise is appreciated,
The answer could be remote snapshot replication. Similar to time machine backups, you will be able to roll back your previous versions.

You could also play with read only folders which would not allow changes to be made

Also, Synology will soon roll out WORM technology that does not allow deleting data even by ransomware.

I hope this helps.

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